Apple’s new energy vehicle release date extended until 2021

Apple is to imitate the Tesla into the field of electric vehicles, have recruited a large number of automotive professionals before, and Sunnyvale in Silicon Valley to establish the research and test center. But it is understood that Apple electric car project schedules have bounced, and first time car release postponed to the year 2021. Foreign Media 1xbet Finance Web site news on July 25, United States TheInformation technology news sites quoted took Apple project, whose sources were reported, said Apple has adjusted its research plan and time window.
Apple has never been announced are developing electric cars, but as Chief Executive musk said Tesla, Apple’s research and development of electric vehicles is already an open secret in Silicon Valley. Previously, Apple even poached from Tesla’s many talents, war of words led to the two companies. Musk has said, if Apple electric car market in 2020, it is already too late. At present Tesla companies dominate the global market for next-generation electric vehicles, Tesla’s thriving, many traditional auto companies also increased on electric vehicles and autonomous driving systems research and development. Many analysts pointed out that in the electric vehicle market, Apple’s lack of industry experience, will face enormous challenges.
Some analysts also think before Apple entered the car market would be a huge mistake, because the car market is much more profitable than Apple’s electronic equipment gross margin (auto margins may be electronics one-tenth or less), Apple’s earnings, stock price and market capitalization will be dealt a huge blow. Historically, Apple itself is not an inventor, but a follower. Such as music players, smartphones, tablets, smart watches and other fields, Apple follows the other entry, by providing an excellent user experience and product, to gain a foothold and expand market share.
However compared to the electronics, electric cars are a very mature market, foreign media analysts noted that Apple is 2019 or 2020 or 2021 to enter the market, the difference is not, may face a similar challenge. According to 1xbet report, Apple’s automotive research and development team, already has a staff of more than 600 people. In addition, Apple’s recent acquisition of land and real estate in Silicon Valley to accommodate automotive research and development team. In addition, the data found in the Wall Street analyst reports from Apple, Apple’s research and development spending this year, 30% might be better than last year, such a large increase, shows Apple is working on a new product or new technology research and development, it is likely to be Apple car.


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Eliminating Pests Using Effective Methods

To prevent pests from coming, vacuum regularly. It will help prevent bedbugs and fleas. Eliminate wood-to-ground contact if you have it at home. In your garden, use gravel or rock instead of wood mulch. That is not a very common fact that people need to know. According to the athens pest control, it is an effective way of preventing pests. Also, keep plants trimmed and woodpiles away from house. And lastly clean gutters and downspouts regularly. Some people just do it after a heavy rain has struck. That is wrong. There are many other things you can simply do to prevent pests. Pests are not impossible to kill.

Blackberry 8990 Curve- Great Handset Of Technology!

A number of competing mobile manufacturing companies are making their ways to get through the market occupied by meticulous users. One of the great inventions that caught the attention of the people is this Blackberry 8990 Curve. Research in Motion (RIM) excites the public by announcing its new product in the series of Blackberries. Blackberry handsets make its path through the burgeoning competition of different discoveries of electronic devices and for sure will stay on top! The technology of not just a mobile unit but an all-in-one device is a great product of sophisticated technology.

Blackberry 8990 Curve is a model handset that bears all basic features a mobile phone must have and the special features that all other handset doesnt all together have. Its not a phone but it is also a tracker, a computer, a camera and i-pod all together in one handset. Name it and Blackberry 8990 Curve has it!

Technology of Blackberry 8990 Curve

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